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  • Marcy Poreda, licensed cosmetologist & provider of Wigs in Tucson, helps you choose the right wig, styles it and provides enhancements like permanent makeup, eyebrows & eyelash extensions.

  • From Scottsdale to Tubac, women count on Glow Designer Wigs for the right eyebrows or wigs. Owner Marcy Poreda will help you find the enhancement that adds to your glamour and your glow.

  • Contact Glow Designer Wigs in Tucson for wigs and eyelash extensions. Licensed cosmetician and hair designer, Marcy Poreda, will help you find and style the right one for you.

  • Glow Designer Wigs in Tucson, Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Clients can find designer wigs, hair extensions, eyelash extensions and permanent makeup styled by a licensed cosmetolgist.

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  • Glow Wigs receives feedback from its clients, many of whom experience positive results from their styling and treatment at Glow Wigs in Tucson.

  • For Wigs Tucson Arizona, Glow Designer Wigs is a full service provider of wigs including human hair and synthetic fiber wigs. Marcy Poreda is a licensed expert at styling wigs.

  • Glow Designer Wigs Tucson, provides full service hair enhancement with a wide assortment of human hair and synthetic wigs to serve clients who have experienced hair loss or thinning hair.

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Marcy says:

"Buying a wig is NOT like buying a hat. It is not a one-size-fits-all item."

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